1. Small hydroelectric project generates power _____.

[A] Less than 100MW
[B] Less than 25MW
[C] Less than 550MW
[D] Less than 1000MW

Answer: Option B

2. Echo sounder is used to measure _____.

[A] Width of river
[B] Velocity of river
[C] Depth of river
[D] Length of river

Answer: Option C

3. ____ is used to estimate flood discharge based on high water marks left over in the past.
[A] area-velocity method
[B] moving boat method
[C] slope-area method
[D] ultra-sonic method
Answer: Option C
4. Flow duration curve is a convenient tool to assess the _available at the site.
[A] Secondary power
[B] Tertiary power
[C] Average power
[D] Firm power
Answer: Option D
5. The discharge per unit drawdown at the well is known as ______.
[A] Specific yield
[B] Specific retention
[C] Specific capacity
[D] Specific storage
Answer: Option C


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