1. As per IS 456, the minimum cover to be provided for columns is
[A] 50 mm
[B] 25 mm
[C] 40 mm
[D] 30 mm

Answer: Option C


2. The maximum slenderness ratio of a compression member carrying both dead and superimposed load is ______.
[A] 300
[B] 250
[C] 200
[D] 180

Answer: Option D


3. Two-way shear in a R.C.C. footing is checked at a distance equal to ____ of the footing from the face of the column.
[A] One-fourth of the effective depth
[B] One-half of the effective depth
[C] Three-fourth of the effective depth
[D] The effective depth

Answer: Option B


4. In design of isolated RC footing, the critical section for two-way shear is considered at a distance of ____ from the face of column/pedestal.
[A] d / 2
[B] d/3
[C] d
[D] 2d

Answer: Option A


5. Which of the following losses of prestress occurs only in pre-tensioning and not in post- tensioning?
[A] Elastic shortening of concrete
[B] Shrinkage of concrete
[C] Creep of concrete
[D] Loss due to friction

Answer: Option A


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