1. Science is broadly divided into _____.

[A] Natural and Physical
[B] Natural and Social
[C] Physical and Mental
[D] Social and Physical

Answer: Option B

2. Social Science try to explain _____ between human activities and natural laws governing them.

[A] reason
[B] Causal Connection
[C] Interaction
[D] Objectives

Answer: Option B


3. Social research aims at _____.

[A] Social Harmony
[B] Integration
[C] National Integration
[D] Social Equality

Answer: Option B

4. The method by which a sample is chosen ______.
[A] Unit
[B] Random
[C] design
[D] Census

Answer: Option C


5. Social Science Research ______ Problems.

[A] Recommend
[B] Explain
[C] Formulate
[D] diagnosis

Answer: Option D


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