1. Research through experiment and observation is called _____.

[A] Clinical Research
[B] Laboratory Research
[C] Empirical Research
[D] Experimental Research

Answer: Option C

2. Population Census is an example of _____ Research.
[A] Empirical
[B] Clinical
[C] Diagnostic
[D] Survey

Answer: Option D


3. _____ is a way to systematically solve the research problem.

[A] Research methodology
[B] Technique
[C] Research Process
[D] Operations

Answer: Option A

4. Good Research is always ______.

[A] Narrow
[B] Slow
[C] Systematic
[D] Fast

Answer: Option C


5. Research conducted in classroom atmosphere is called _____.

[A] Survey
[B] Empirical Research
[C] Field study
[D] Laboratory Research

Answer: Option D


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