1. Which of the following research specifically requires objectivity to discover facts and causes from the data gathered for the purpose?

[A] Quantitative research
[B] Qualitative research
[C] Action research
[D] Fundamental research

Answer: Option A

2. The scientific method can be used _____.

[A] Only in physical sciences such as physics and chemistry
[B] Only in social sciences
[C] Both A and B
[D] None

Answer: Option C


3. In psychology and education, experimental research is also termed as _____.

[A] S-R (stimulus-response) research
[B] Historical research
[C] Analytical research
[D] Post Facto research

Answer: Option A

4. In the method of naturalistic observation, there will be _____.

[A] Haphazard behaviour as it naturally occurs
[B] Setting up of controlled experiments by which they uncover causal elements in behaviour
[C] Interview subjects at different stages of life
[D] Set out to actively observe subjects in their natural environments

Answer: Option D


5. The important prerequisites of a research in sciences, social sciences and humanities are _____.

[A] Archives, supervisor, topic and flexibility in thinking
[B] Laboratory skills, records, supervisor and topic
[C] Supervisor, topic, critical analysis and patience
[D] Topic, supervisor, good temperament and preconceived notion

Answer: Option C


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