1. Research conducted to find solution for an immediate problem is ______.

[A] Fundamental Research
[B] Analytical Research
[C] Action Research
[D] Survey

Answer: Option C

2. Motivation Research is a type of _____ research.

[A] Qualitative
[B] Pure
[C] Quantitative
[D] None

Answer: Option A


3. Research related to abstract ideas or concepts is _____.

[A] Quantitative research
[B] Empirical research
[C] Conceptual Research
[D] Qualitative research

Answer: Option C

4. A research which follows case study method is called ______.

[A] Causal
[B] Analytical
[C] Clinical or diagnostic
[D] Qualitative

Answer: Option C


5. Fundamental Research is otherwise called _____.

[A] Survey
[B] Action Research
[C] Pilot study
[D] Pure Research

Answer: Option D


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