1. Facts or information’s are analyzed, and critical evaluation is made in _____.

[A] Survey
[B] Action research
[C] Pilot study
[D] Analytical research

Answer: Option D

2. Example for fact finding study is _____.

[A] Survey
[B] Pure Research
[C] Action Research
[D] Long term Research

Answer: Option A


3. Research undertaken for knowledge sake is _____.
[A] Action Research
[B] Pure Research
[C] Pilot study
[D] Survey

Answer: Option B

4. Research is classified on the basis of ______ and methods.

[A] Purpose
[B] Methodology
[C] Intent
[D] Techniques

Answer: Option C


5. Basing conclusions without any bias and value judgment is _____.

[A] Specificity
[B] Objectivity
[C] Values
[D] Facts

Answer: Option B


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