1. A grand theory _____.

[A] Explains interrelationships among concepts
[B] Broad explanation of phenomenon in a discipline
[C] Is highly abstract
[D] All the above

Answer: Option B

2. Epistemology refers to _____.

[A] A term used to study the types of diseases
[B] Acceptable level of knowledge in a field of study
[C] A type of interviewing technique
[D] A term specifically used in the social sciences

Answer: Option B


3. The idea that knowledge comes from experience is _____.

[A] Rationalism
[B] Deductive reasoning
[C] Empiricism
[D] Logic

Answer: Option C

4. Metaphysics means _____.

[A] Exploring the nature of ultimate reality
[B] Physics of metals
[C] A branch of Physics
[D] Physics of weather

Answer: Option A


5. Which of the following statements is not correct?

[A] One research gives birth to another research
[B] A researcher is expected to be a well-read person
[C] All researchers contribute to existing knowledge
[D] A good researcher is a nice person

Answer: Option D

6. Which of the following is defined as a systematic method of evaluating statistical data based on the results of several independent studies of the same problem?

[A] Factor analysis
[B] Systematic analysis
[C] Meta-analysis
[D] None

Answer: Option C


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