1. A continuous beam is one which is _____.

[A] Supported on more than two supports
[B] Extending beyond the supports
[C] Fixed at both ends
[D] Fixed at one end and free at the other end

Answer: Option A

2. The change in length due to a tensile or compressive force acting on a body is given by _____.


Answer: Option D


3. The slenderness ratio is the ratio of _____.

[A] Length of column to least radius of gyration
[B] Least radius of gyration to area of column
[C] Least radius of gyration to length of column
[D] Area of column to least radius of gyration

Answer: Option A

4. If the section modulus of a beam is increased, the bending stress in the beam will _____.

[A] Decrease
[B] Increase
[C] Both A and B
[D] Not change

Answer: Option A


5. The bending moment is maximum on a section where shearing force _____.

[A] is maximum
[B] change sign
[C] is equal
[D] is minimum

Answer: Option B


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