1. In a two-span continuous beam loaded by UDL, point of contraflexure exist ______.

[A] At the end support
[B] In both spans near middle support
[C] Near end support
[D] At mid support

Answer: Option B

2. Internal hinge in real beam becomes in conjugate beam _____.

[A] Internal prop
[B] Deflection at that point
[C] Slope at that point
[D] Internal roller

Answer: Option D


3. In ductile metal, the tensile failure is at _____ with the axis of specimen.

[A] 30°
[B] 90°
[C] 45°
[D] 60°

Answer: Option C

4. The property by which a metal resists impact load is called _____.

[A] Toughness
[B] Elasticity
[C] Ductility
[D] Malleability

Answer: Option A


5. Bending moment and slope at the end of fixed support of a fixed beam loaded by UDL is ____
and _____.

[A] Minimum, zero
[B] Zero, maximum
[C] Maximum, Zero
[D] Zero, minimum

Answer: Option C


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