1. The process of translating the plan of a work on actual ground in exact position in three dimensions is called

[A] Tacheometry
[B] planning of a work
[C] setting out of work
[D] plane table survey

Answer: Option C


2. ‘Representative Fraction’ (RF) is defined as 

[A] Length of an object in the drawing/Actual length of the object
[B] Length of an object in the drawing/Isometric length of the object
[C] Actual length of the object/Length of an object in the drawing
[D] Isometric length of the object/Length of an object in the drawing
Answer: Option A


3. A diagonal scale is used for measuring

[A] Units and one-tenths of units
[B] Units, tenths and hundreds of units
[C] Diagonals of a closed polygons
[D] Angles between lines in plan
Answer: Option B


4. A Vernier is made using a main scale of one meter to read mm. If the Vernier scale is divided into cm divisions, the Vernier will have

[A] 10 divisions for 9 main scale divisions
[B] 11 divisions for 10 main scale divisions 
[C] 20 divisions for 19 main scale divisions
[D] 21 divisions for 20 main scale divisions
Answer: Option A


5. Which equipment is not used in chain survey?

[A] ranging rod
[B] plumb bob
[C] alidade 
[D] offset rod
Answer: Option C



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