1. Imaginary line passing through points having equal magnetic declination is termed as

[A] isogonic line

[B] agonic line

[C] isoclinic line

[D] aclinic line

Answer: Option A


2. The reduced bearing of a line is N 87°W. Its whole circle bearing is

[A] 93°

[B] 87°

[C] 3°

[D] 273°

Answer: Option D


Solution: 360° – 87° = 273°


3. Lines joining points of equal dip are called as

[A] Isogonic lines

[B] Isoclinic lines

[C] Agonic lines

[D] Aclinic lines

Answer: Option B


4. Dip of the horizon is the angle

[A] made by the line of sight with the horizontal

[B] between the lone of sight and the level surface

[C] between the line of sight and the tangent to the level surface

[D] made by the line of sight with the plumb line

Answer: Option C


5. The closing error in a closed traverse is adjusted by

[A] Lehmann’s rule

[B] Slide rule

[C] Bowditch’s rule

[D] Simpson’s rule

Answer: Option C




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