1. To change the reading on the circle while measuring an angle

[A] Upper clamp is tightened, and lower clamp is loosened

[B] Upper clamp is loosened, and lower clamp is tightened

[C] Both upper and lower clamps are loosened

[D] Both upper and lower clamps are tightened

Answer: Option B


2. In the method of reiteration of measuring horizontal angles

[A] the same angle is measured three times 

[B] the same angle is measured by face-left and face-right observations

[C] the angle is measured, and the instrument turned to close the horizon

[D] the angle is measured three times each using face-left and face-right observations

Answer: Option C


3. When you transit the telescope, you rotate the telescope about the

[A] trunnion axis

[B] vertical axis

[C] optical axis of the telescope

[D] line of collimation

Answer: Option A


4. In the method of repetition for measuring horizontal angles, to rotate the instrument without changing the readings

[A] lower clamp screw is tightened, and upper clamp is loosened

[B] lower clamp screw is loosened, and upper clamp is tightened

[C] any one of the clamp screw is loosened 

[D] both the clamp screws are loosened

Answer: Option B




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